about david ross

Hi, I’m David Ross.

Nice to meet you! I’m a graphic designer, specializing in UI, web design and interactive applications. My vast experience, professional demeanor and personal touch have resulted in unique and successful projects.

I graduated with honors from Shenkar collage for design in 2007, and After 5 years working in some of the leading design studios in Israel, in 2012 I opened my own studio. Since then I have worked with various clients from different fields.
As of 2015 I’m based in Berlin, Germany working with clients of all sizes from all over the world.

My studio offers the following services

UI and web design: designing sites and applications (backend systems, mobile apps etc.), taking in mind the winning combination between effective and appealing design, and the usability of the site/application while understanding the clients’ and users’ needs.
Branding: designing a killer logo and graphic language for your brand is the easy part. Doing so while taking in mind the correct message, target audience and brand needs is where my experience and knowledge come to play.
Graphic design services: is it graphic design related work that you need? We probably do it. Designing promotional materials? Sure. Design for online marketing such as banners, landing pages and social media?  Of course. You get the picture 🙂

Go ahead and contact me, let’s work together, I promise it’s gonna be fun!